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Jennifer Kearney

Jennifer has owned and run a landscape horticulture business in San Francisco for over 15 years. She holds a degree in Landscape Architecture from Merritt College and has extensive experience in hardscape and planting design from the conceptual layout stage to the final plans for construction. Jennifer specializes in drought-tolerant, California native, and Mediterranean plantings: categories which often overlap but which have their own nuances. She is gifted at highlighting the best assets of each. Jennifer loves to visit new botanical gardens when she travels. She's a dog lover, a snowboarder, and a recreational dancer.


Reilly Howard

Reilly has been working with J. Kearney Gardens since 2018. Growing up in the Central Valley, surrounded by horticulture and agriculture, he developed a love for plants at a young age. Reilly has lived in San Francisco since 2008, and studied Fine Arts and Graphic Design in college. He has a keen aesthetic eye for composition, color, and attention to details, which helps him greatly when looking at the layout of a garden. On his free time he likes help out and socialize at his local community garden and he considers himself somewhat of a poet!

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Vance Valenti

Vance joined J. Kearney with a love for plants and spending time outdoors. Since arriving in the Bay Area in high school, he fell for the city’s atmosphere and hopes to walk every block of San Francisco. He takes pride in helping beautify the landscape and enjoys learning more about plants every day. Recently, his creativity has led him to explore sewing and appliqué to create collages with fabric. Vance is an avid skateboarder, enjoys bowling when he gets the chance, and loves all animals. 


Donutz and D.O.T.



Zoe Tomar (Alumnus)

After growing up in the lushness of Hawaii, Zoe’s distinct love for plants paradoxically began during her first Colorado winter at CU-Boulder studying Psychology. She discovered she had to actively seek out the company of plants, so she filled her home with indoor plants that she taught herself to care for. She became interested in the psychological hypothesis of biophilia: the idea that humans innately want to interact with nature. Zoe expanded her interest to outdoor plants while working at the SF headquarters of a non-profit whose mission is to connect people to public lands. In addition to plants, she loves to play soccer, snowboard, volunteer and go out to enjoy live music.


Scott Zerg (Alumnus)

Scott has been landscaping in San Francisco for 5 years and has loved every year of it. He moved to the Bay Area from Olympia, Washington where he attended the Evergreen State College for agriculture and plant studies. When not gardening Scott is biking, hiking, playing legend of Zelda, and working on his own garden at home. He is excited to be part of Jenny’s team.

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